Polyester fibre in bed quilts and pillows

Polyester fibre fill … the good and the not so good news

I was recently asked by an experienced retailer associate to explain why polyester quilts and pillows are so popular and what do the terms “Microloft, Microsoft, Microdenier etc ” mean and she was quite surprised by my answer.

On a […]

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Bamboo Fibre in Quilts

Bamboo, nature’s new fibre

Bamboo fibre is a relatively new textile fibre, yet it has become very popular in recent times and is now widely used in a broad variety of apparel, fashion wear and in various home textile products. What are the features of bamboo fibre and why is it so ideally suited […]

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The new Alpaca OptiFill pillow

OptiFill, a new and clever pillow filling system by Kelly & Windsor

Most pillows are usually filled by blowing loose filling fibres into the pillow case with compressed air. This filling system is quite good at filling the corners but often the fibre is uneven inside the pillow and tends to unevenly clump […]

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New Alpaca Bamboo Quilts

In January 2014, Kelly & Windsor Australia released two new Alpaca Bamboo quilts to its collections.

Alpaca Bamboo 300 quilts

The new Alpaca Bamboo 300 quilt is designed for all year round comfort. A medium weight quilt which is luxuriously soft and comfortably warm. This quilt is best suited for those […]

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Which alpaca quilt suits me? The Kelly & Windsor BMI Matrix Alpaca Quilt Warmth Guide

Before you buy a new quilt, we would advise you to consider what type of quilt will suit you and your sleeping comfort. Your new quilt should last years.  You should get value, enjoyment and sleeping comfort from the right quilt from your first night’s sleep.

So how do you know which quilt suits you?  It’s not simply […]

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An exclusive to Kelly & Windsor, the new UltraSoft quilting design

The new UltraSoft quilting design is a new innovation in quilt manufacture, exclusive to Kelly & Windsor Australia.

Late in 2012 we were thinking about how to make our alpaca quilts softer and more comfortable for sleeping comfort. Ideally a quilt would not have any stitching as the stitch “lines” are […]

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Alpaca Underblankets are back in stock!

We are very pleased, and relieved, to advise that the Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Underblankets are now back in stock.

We ran out of stock early in 2013 and since then have experienced several technical difficulties in manufacturing our famous alpaca underblankets. In the last six months, especially during the Australian winter […]

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Alpaca Bamboo quilts – lightweight and luxuriously soft

Kelly & Windsor have released their latest quilt collection – Alpaca Bamboo in April 2013.

The Alpaca Bamboo quilt collection is new and innovative. It’s actually an exclusive world first, a luxury quilt filled with a blend of 50% of the finest quality alpaca fleece and 50% bamboo fibre.

This unique […]

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The History of Alpaca Gold Quilts

Alpaca Gold Quilts – an exciting challenge and a great success

Kelly & Windsor Australia launched their Alpaca Gold quilt collection in 2005 and in every year since then, its been our most popular quilt especially in the Asian international markets.

The history of the Alpaca Gold quilts actually goes back to […]

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Alpaca fleece in Quilts

Why are alpaca quilts so good?

There are several parts to answer this question -

Alpaca fleece is a natural fibre

In bed quilts and doonas, alpaca fleece is an ideal filling material -

  • It is a natural bio degradable fibre which is environmentally friendly
  • Moisture absorbent – alpaca fleece can absorb up to 30% of its own weight, […]
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