OptiFill, a new and clever pillow filling system by Kelly & Windsor

Most pillows are usually filled by blowing loose filling fibres into the pillow case with compressed air. This filling system is quite good at filling the corners but often the fibre is uneven inside the pillow and tends to unevenly clump together which can interrupt a restful night’s sleep.

The alternative pillow filling system is by inserting a  carded wad of fibre into the pillow case. Initially this looks better as the fill is more even but usually the corners are empty.  With regular use a pillow made with an inside wad of fibres can often  “break” and cause holes and lumps inside the pillow.

The new Kelly and Windsor OptiFill alpaca pillow is constructed with a quilted wad of fibre filling which is inserted inside the pillow case. This new and innovative filling system ensures that the pillow will keep its shape and that the corners will remain filled. As the filling is internally quilted the filling fibre will not break into lumps or move around, giving longer life and a smoother and more even luxurious appearance.

We recently recorded a video on the Alpaca pillows explaining the new OptiFill system and the features of the three loft options available. To see the video

The ultimate in sleeping comfort and support

The OptiFill alpaca pillows are filled with a blend of Australian alpaca fleece and hollow core high performance polyester fibre. This combination results in a luxurious softness and comfort together with an excellent loft and resiliency for comfort and long life.

The pillow case is a boxed wall design, using a high thread count superfine 100% cotton sateen fabric which is designed to provide an even sleeping profile and a better smoother and more even appearance on a made up bed. The pillows are finished with a sliver piping and new satin sash, a touch of luxury.

Three new profile options – a choice to suit everybody

  • LOW Loft- for those sleepers who like a thinner pillow
  • MID – the most popular option – soft yet supportive
  • HIGH Loft – ideal as a second pillow for reading in bed or a fuller comfort pillow

Pillow dimensions : 70cm x 45cm x 6cm (Standard Australian pillow size)

The filling of the new Alpaca OptiFill pillows hasn’t changed from previous versions; a blend of 50% alpaca fleece (for softness, moisture absorbency and warmth) and 50% high performance polyester fibre (to give the pillow long-term loft, resiliency and support) for the ultimate in a sleeping comfort.

The new OptiFill Alpaca Pillows were released in February 2014 and are available from selected bedding stores or can be purchased on this site and a pdf of the sales flyer is now available, please click Alpaca OptiFill Pillow sales flyer.

A perfect nights sleep starts with a good pillow – treat yourself to one or maybe as a gift for that special person.

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Alpaca OpitFill Pillows