Bamboo, nature’s new fibre

Bamboo fibre is a relatively new textile fibre, yet it has become very popular in recent times and is now widely used in a broad variety of apparel, fashion wear and in various home textile products. What are the features of bamboo fibre and why is it so ideally suited to bed quilts?

Bamboo is a natural fibre, environmentally friendly, sustainable and bio degradable

The bamboo plant is a natural plant which is very prolific in Asia, where there is abundant water. It does not require fertilizers or any chemical additives, is sustainable (it seeds and grows very quickly) and is 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo fibre is the reconstituted pulp of the bamboo plant which is manufactured by dissolving the pulp in an aqueous solution and extruding the resulting polymer into a continuous filament, much like making spaghetti. The filament is then stretched to improve its strength, cut into a short fibres and dried. When finished bamboo looks like cotton wool in colour, texture and touch.

The bamboo fibre manufacturing process is environmentally clean and no harmful chemicals are used in the process. Bamboo fibres and end products are approved by Oeko-Tex, the internationally recognised Swiss textile testing authority which tests and certifies that bamboo fibres are safe and suitable for apparel and home ware products.

In quilts, bamboo fibre filling is ideal -

  • A natural and safe fibre
  • Chemical free and non-allergic
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Bio degradable
  • Oeko_tex certified


Bamboo fibre is very soft

Bamboo fibre is naturally a very soft fibre and this is very evident when you touch an article made with it. In a quilt this is desirable as a soft bed quilt will “wrap” itself around your body, increasing comfort and performance by trapping warmth and absorbing moisture

Bamboo fibre is anti bacterial

Bamboo fibre contains a natural anti bacterial agent which resists the growth and propagation of bacteria.

It does this naturally and does not require the addition of any man made chemicals. Being naturally anti bacterial, bamboo fibre products are therefore odour free, a very important and desirable benefit especially in children’s and adolescent’s bed quilts.

Bamboo fibre has excellent moisture absorbency

Bamboo fibre is hydrophilic similar to most plant fibres, i.e. it absorbs moisture in the amount of moisture that it can actually absorb relative to its weight and secondly the speed that it can take up moisture.

Bamboo fibre is several times more absorbent that cotton or viscose (another reconstituted plant fibre). On both counts, bamboo fibre products perform exceptionally well especially in quilts where moisture absorbency and breathability is so important.

Bamboo fibre products are durable and can be machine washed

Bamboo fibres are considerably stronger that most plant fibres which means that they wont break down with wear.

Durability plus the benefit of being able to machine wash bamboo products is an important and practical especially in quilts and other bedding products.

Why does Kelly & Windsor blend alpaca and bamboo fibres in their Alpaca Bamboo quilts?

With the features and benefits of both alpaca and bamboo fibres being so well suited for bed quilts, it seemed like a logical and practical idea to use the outstanding features of each of the fibres in a luxury quilt collection – the softness, absorbency, warmth and natural fibre story is a new category of luxury sleeping comfort and experience.

The Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Bamboo quilt collections are exclusive to Kelly & Windsor, a world first innovation and can be purchased from authorized retail outlets or on line on this site.