All About Sleeping Comfort

A comfortable night’s sleep is essential to your well-being and vitality. Without the correct amount of rest and comfort your body  cannot rejuvenate and maintain itself.  Your physical, mental and general well-being will suffer.

Having a “good nights” sleep is much more than “grabbing a few hours lying down” or having a quick snooze in front of the television. We understand the importance of sleep, and have added several posts to answer your questions and have provided information about selecting the right quilt to suit you and general information on bedding.

Quilt Warmth Ratings

How do you know which type and style of quilt is best for you? The selection of the right type of quilt, doona or duvet suitable for you will depend upon many variables such as climate, your bedroom temperature and your particular personal warmth/cooling needs.

How your chosen quilt, duvet or doona will feel and perform will depend upon four important factors : its thermal performance, its weight, its filling and its quality especially in regards the cover fabric. The Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilt collections can be grouped into four thermal warmth categories -

  • Cool
  • Year Round
  • Winter
  • Super Winter

For further information please view the news section on this site.

What is the right quilt for me?

How can you assess a quilt’s warmth and suitability?

BMI Guide

Through our research and experience we have developed a unique warmth guide to help you select the correct alpaca quilt for you.

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TOG Rating

A measurement of thermal warmth, and an industry standard in the UK, we explain it for you here.

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Number of Blankets

We are often asked “what is the blanket warmth of this quilt?” A strange question and an unusual answer.

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Moisture Absorbency – Quilt fillings and cover fabrics

Possibly the least understood but important point about bed quilts.

During the night we all perspire, some more than others, and extensive studies in Europe have discovered that on average a half a litre of moisture is given off each night. While this is a normal event and the way body adjusts to its environment, it is what happens to this moisture that’s really important.

To get an optimal nights sleep, it is essential that you keep dry, hence the expression “dry and cool in summer and dry and warm in winter”. Its true!

For this to happen you need a quilt filled with a naturally moisture absorbent material. Alpaca fleece and wool fibre can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture. Bamboo is also exceptionally good at moisture absorbency, both in the amount of moisture it can absorb and how quickly it actually absorbs the moisture.

We are often asked, so if that’s correct, what happens to the moisture that an alpaca or bamboo quilt absorbs during the night? Well, its simple, it evaporates during the day when its warmer. On the other hand, if a quilt is filled with a material that does not absorb moisture i.e. hydrophobic, such as polyester, it will allow moisture to build up and will cause temperature variations. The result is usually a poor quality sleep with regular temperature changes i.e. “a hot and sweaty night sleep” Not desirable nor good!

It’s also important that a quilt cover fabric is absorbent which is why they are usually made from cotton. Cotton is absorbent, although not as absorbent as bamboo, so it assists in this “wicking effect” that some bedding manufacturers refer to.

Quilt Cover Fabrics

The choice of quilt cover fabrics by quilt manufacturers is an important decision relative to appearance, softness, handle and the overall performance of the finished quilt. Unfortunately cost is a major factor in a manufacturer’s fabric choice in lower quality quilts and this will have a major effect on the performance of a quilt.

We  only use the finest premium quality cover fabrics in the manufacture of our luxury alpaca and wool quilts. To compliment the quality of the alpaca fleece fillings in our quilts we use a selection of specifically designed quality fabrics that are exclusive to Kelly & Windsor.

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