Alpaca fleece

Alpaca fleece is a rare, exotic natural fibre used in fashion, apparel and woven blankets for thousands of years, however, its use in bedding is relatively new. Until 2000, alpaca quilts, duvets, doonas and comforters were almost unknown apart from a handful of alpaca breeders who made some rudimentary hand-made alpaca quilts for their private use.

In 2002, Kelly & Windsor initiated a project to investigate using alpaca fleece in bed quilts. After extensive investigation Kelly & Windsor could substantiate that alpaca fleece was ideally suited to high end bedding and significantly superior to other natural animal fibres. In 2003, after comprehensive study, design, testing and processing trials, the first alpaca quilt was commercially released by Kelly & Windsor. The Alpaca Classic quilt collection was born and immediately accepted by Australia’s leading high end department store group, David Jones.

Since then, Kelly & Windsor Australia has created a whole new category of high end luxury bedding using alpaca fleece in its various alpaca quilt collections. Kelly & Windsor’s outstanding range is very popular with discerning retailers and consumers around the world.

Alpaca fleece in bedding products

Alpaca fleece is ideal for bedding products -

  • Soft with a luxurious feel – this is due to alpacas’ smooth fibre structure
  • Lightweight – alpaca fleece is a semi hollow fibre – air is trapped to warm you
  • Comfortable warmth – approximately 25% warmer than wool on weight to weight basis
  • Moisture absorbent – to keep you dry i.e. cool in summer and warm in winter
  • High strength – durable and long life (with proper care)
  • Good loft and resiliency
  • Natural, chemical free and environmentally friendly fibre
  • Non allergenic – alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin
  • Naturally flame retardant

Benefits of alpaca fleece in bedding products

The unique features of alpaca fleece when used in bedding products create a number of distinct benefits and performance attributes which differ between quilts (aka doonas, duvets and comforters), pillows and underblankets.

To find out more about the benefits of alpaca fleece in quilts, pillows and underblankets -

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Alpaca in Pillows

Alpaca fleece blended with high performance fibre ensures comfort, support and loft – pure luxury .

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Alpaca in Underblankets

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