Another amazing sell out television shopping show on TVSN on 26th May 2014!

Kelly & Windsor was invited back to TVSN to start the 2014 winter bedding season and for the first time we offered the Alpaca Classic quilt collection with matching Alpaca Underblankets and pillows.

We had two alpaca’s on the show, Sooty, the black alpaca as featured in May last year and a beautiful one month old snow white baby alpaca with handler Harvey, from one of Australia’s most renowned and respected alpaca stud farms, Millpaca Alpaca Stud in Berrima south of Sydney. Read more about Millpaca.

Sooty and baby alpaca at TVSN

Sooty and baby alpaca at TVSN

The young baby hadn’t been named when the show went live, so TVSN asked viewers to email in suggested names and Kelly & Windsor offered an Alpaca Pillow as a prize for the winning name that was chosen. By the end of the show we had received dozens of naming suggestions.

The TVSN presenter on the 26th May show was Lee, supported by Paul, producer, who both did a great job. It was a fun show with the two cute alpaca’s with most of the TVSN staff watching the show in the studio.

The show was a complete sell out of all stock of Alpaca Classic quilts, underblankets and pillows on the show which was great especially for the Alpaca Underblankets which was a world’s first time event.

Sooty and baby alpaca on TVSN shopping

Sooty and baby alpaca on TVSN shopping

The Kelly & Windsor alpaca bedding collections will be back on TVSN on 16th June at 6.30pm and 17th June at 10.30am which will include an announcement of the winner of “Name the baby alpaca competition”

Alpaca quilts, pillows and underblankets on camera, a photo shoot at Harvey Norman,Thomastown.

Last month we did a photo shoot to update our library of Kelly & Windsor alpaca bedding quilts, doonas, pillows and underblankets which was way overdue as our photo library was looking pretty tired and needed a major update.

Thanks to Michael, proprietor of Harvey Norman Thomastown for allowing us to use his store display, Rob Pignolet of Waterfront Pictures for the camera skills and Ashley, our young model for the morning’s photo shoot.

Rob and Ashley on set for our photo shoot at Harvey Norman

Rob and Ashley on set for our photo shoot at Harvey Norman

The results were stunning with lots of new photos of all of our alpaca bedding collections which will be used for on line and printed literature in 2014. Kelly & Windsor is a luxury brand and after months of “gunnas” (I am going to do it), I finally decided that we urgently needed some really high quality product photos shown in a suitable setting. Rob has considerable experience in still and video production and the quality of the photos was immediately evident. For those budding photography enthusiasts out there, taking photos of white bed quilts isn’t exactly easy, good results take a lot of skill, but an easy mornings work for Rob. Thanks, well done.


Australia’s finest luxury Alpaca Gold quilts and underblankets from Kelly & Windsor

Rob came back last week to Kelly & Windsor Australia and recorded a whole series of videos about Kelly & Windsor, the company, our unique alpaca bedding collections and another dozen short videos which are currently being edited. They will posted on a new blog as soon as they are ready.


Polyester fibre fill … the good and the not so good news

I was recently asked by an experienced retailer associate to explain why polyester quilts and pillows are so popular and what do the terms “Microloft, Microsoft, Microdenier etc ” mean and she was quite surprised by my answer.

On a post about alpaca fleece and other fibres on this site, I made a comment that all textile fibres, natural or synthetic have both strengths and weaknesses. There are a considerable number of published articles on this subject but in my experience of over twenty years in the textile industry, these articles tend to be more comparative of one fibre to another fibre or discuss their physical terms ie tenacity, elongation, dye affinity etc, rather than discussing their end use suitability and performance.

In this post I would like to discuss the realities of polyester fibre, its positive and negative attributes and its performance in bedding products.

Firstly, what is polyester fibre?

It is a synthetic textile fiber which is manufactured by extruding a liquid chemical polymer made from ethyelene glycol and terephthalic acid which are both derived from oil. In non technical terms, it is a form of plastic. 100% synthetic chemical fibre made from a non renewable source. It is not bio degradable, nor environmentally friendly. To give a balanced discussion, polyester is however not toxic nor harmful even though it’s a chemically engineered textile fibre.

The Positives -

  • Polyester is warm especially the newer styles of polyester fibre which have a hollow core, to trap warm air
  • Polyester is durable (and almost indestructible)
  • Polyester is easy care (high temperature machine washing with chemical bleaches will not affect the polyester filling)
  • Polyester is soft and has good loft
  • Polyester is cheap, readily available and easy to process

The Negatives -

  • Polyester fibres are a pure chemical textile fibre and are made from oil, a non renewable resource.with a specially engineered inherently flame retardant polyester
  • Polyester fibre is hydrophobic i.e. it will not absorb any moisture – this is a major point and also explains why 100% polyester sheets aren’t available.

So is polyester suitable for bedding?

In some cases, yes. As an example, Kelly & Windsor supplies the Royal Australian Navy with bed pillows that are filled with a specially engineered inherently flame retardant polyester. This is because they meet strict performance requirements in unusual conditions i.e. the pillows must be inherently flame retardant, be easy care with high temperature industrial machine washing, be bleach & chlorine resistant, quick drying, lightweight and durable. For this end use and conditions, specialty polyester filled pillows are the best option.  For recreational sleeping bags, especially where they are used in high altitude hiking, polyester filling is good as it’s warm, lightweight, easy care, mildew resistant and lightweight.

For domestic home use however, polyester bedding doesn’t do so well, mainly because it does not absorb moisture nor effectively wick moisture away from the body. The result is you having a “hot sweaty night”, certainly not conducive to a comfortable night’s sleep. This means that you can overheat whilst sleeping, a very undesirable event and in certain cases a dangerous situation especially in baby or children’s bedding.

What is micro denier polyester fibre?

It’s a textile fibre that has a thickness of less than one denier. In bed quilts and pillows a micro denier polyester fibre filling will be very soft and have a very silky feel but will not have a high resiliency ie loft due to its softness. The use of the word “Micro…” is just marketing talk and is often used to confuse and mislead consumers about the actual filling fibre’s description.

While drafting this post, I came across an article that was an excellent example of marketing hype, “we have range of quilts and pillows which blend silky-soft down-like microfibre with wool, they are known as Wool Touch Quilts”  I won’t quote the source but in my opinion this statement is deliberately misleading on several counts.  The filling fibre may be a micro denier but it doesn’t actually state what the fibre is, nor the blend ratio for that matter, 99% polyester and 1% wool?

So, finally, why are polyester fibre filled quilts and pillows so popular?

Simple, it’s a one word answer, price.

There are so many other relevant factors that need to be taken into account when buying bed quilts and pillows. After all, everybody spends a considerable amount of time sleeping, an essential part of life, so the quality of your quilts and pillows directly relate to your sleeping comfort and quality and suitability should be the priority not simply a product’s price.

Quality, performance, features and benefits are surely more important to optimize one’s sleeping comfort. Choose carefully and buy for your own well being.

For more information please refer to our Fibre comparison matrix

I hope that you have found the above article of interest. I would appreciate receiving your comments.

Wishing you sleeping comfort, Trevor





Bamboo, nature’s new fibre

Bamboo fibre is a relatively new textile fibre, yet it has become very popular in recent times and is now widely used in a broad variety of apparel, fashion wear and in various home textile products. What are the features of bamboo fibre and why is it so ideally suited to bed quilts?

Bamboo is a natural fibre, environmentally friendly, sustainable and bio degradable

The bamboo plant is a natural plant which is very prolific in Asia, where there is abundant water. It does not require fertilizers or any chemical additives, is sustainable (it seeds and grows very quickly) and is 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo fibre is the reconstituted pulp of the bamboo plant which is manufactured by dissolving the pulp in an aqueous solution and extruding the resulting polymer into a continuous filament, much like making spaghetti. The filament is then stretched to improve its strength, cut into a short fibres and dried. When finished bamboo looks like cotton wool in colour, texture and touch.

The bamboo fibre manufacturing process is environmentally clean and no harmful chemicals are used in the process. Bamboo fibres and end products are approved by Oeko-Tex, the internationally recognised Swiss textile testing authority which tests and certifies that bamboo fibres are safe and suitable for apparel and home ware products.

In quilts, bamboo fibre filling is ideal -

  • A natural and safe fibre
  • Chemical free and non-allergic
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Bio degradable
  • Oeko_tex certified


Bamboo fibre is very soft

Bamboo fibre is naturally a very soft fibre and this is very evident when you touch an article made with it. In a quilt this is desirable as a soft bed quilt will “wrap” itself around your body, increasing comfort and performance by trapping warmth and absorbing moisture

Bamboo fibre is anti bacterial

Bamboo fibre contains a natural anti bacterial agent which resists the growth and propagation of bacteria.

It does this naturally and does not require the addition of any man made chemicals. Being naturally anti bacterial, bamboo fibre products are therefore odour free, a very important and desirable benefit especially in children’s and adolescent’s bed quilts.

Bamboo fibre has excellent moisture absorbency

Bamboo fibre is hydrophilic similar to most plant fibres, i.e. it absorbs moisture in the amount of moisture that it can actually absorb relative to its weight and secondly the speed that it can take up moisture.

Bamboo fibre is several times more absorbent that cotton or viscose (another reconstituted plant fibre). On both counts, bamboo fibre products perform exceptionally well especially in quilts where moisture absorbency and breathability is so important.

Bamboo fibre products are durable and can be machine washed

Bamboo fibres are considerably stronger that most plant fibres which means that they wont break down with wear.

Durability plus the benefit of being able to machine wash bamboo products is an important and practical especially in quilts and other bedding products.

Why does Kelly & Windsor blend alpaca and bamboo fibres in their Alpaca Bamboo quilts?

With the features and benefits of both alpaca and bamboo fibres being so well suited for bed quilts, it seemed like a logical and practical idea to use the outstanding features of each of the fibres in a luxury quilt collection – the softness, absorbency, warmth and natural fibre story is a new category of luxury sleeping comfort and experience.

The Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Bamboo quilt collections are exclusive to Kelly & Windsor, a world first innovation and can be purchased from authorized retail outlets or on line on this site.

OptiFill, a new and clever pillow filling system by Kelly & Windsor

Most pillows are usually filled by blowing loose filling fibres into the pillow case with compressed air. This filling system is quite good at filling the corners but often the fibre is uneven inside the pillow and tends to unevenly clump together which can interrupt a restful night’s sleep.

The alternative pillow filling system is by inserting a  carded wad of fibre into the pillow case. Initially this looks better as the fill is more even but usually the corners are empty.  With regular use a pillow made with an inside wad of fibres can often  “break” and cause holes and lumps inside the pillow.

The new Kelly and Windsor OptiFill alpaca pillow is constructed with a quilted wad of fibre filling which is inserted inside the pillow case. This new and innovative filling system ensures that the pillow will keep its shape and that the corners will remain filled. As the filling is internally quilted the filling fibre will not break into lumps or move around, giving longer life and a smoother and more even luxurious appearance.

We recently recorded a video on the Alpaca pillows explaining the new OptiFill system and the features of the three loft options available. To see the video

The ultimate in sleeping comfort and support

The OptiFill alpaca pillows are filled with a blend of Australian alpaca fleece and hollow core high performance polyester fibre. This combination results in a luxurious softness and comfort together with an excellent loft and resiliency for comfort and long life.

The pillow case is a boxed wall design, using a high thread count superfine 100% cotton sateen fabric which is designed to provide an even sleeping profile and a better smoother and more even appearance on a made up bed. The pillows are finished with a sliver piping and new satin sash, a touch of luxury.

Three new profile options – a choice to suit everybody

  • LOW Loft- for those sleepers who like a thinner pillow
  • MID – the most popular option – soft yet supportive
  • HIGH Loft – ideal as a second pillow for reading in bed or a fuller comfort pillow

Pillow dimensions : 70cm x 45cm x 6cm (Standard Australian pillow size)

The filling of the new Alpaca OptiFill pillows hasn’t changed from previous versions; a blend of 50% alpaca fleece (for softness, moisture absorbency and warmth) and 50% high performance polyester fibre (to give the pillow long-term loft, resiliency and support) for the ultimate in a sleeping comfort.

The new OptiFill Alpaca Pillows were released in February 2014 and are available from selected bedding stores or can be purchased on this site and a pdf of the sales flyer is now available, please click Alpaca OptiFill Pillow sales flyer.

A perfect nights sleep starts with a good pillow – treat yourself to one or maybe as a gift for that special person.

alpaca pillow

Alpaca OpitFill Pillows

In January 2014, Kelly & Windsor Australia released two new Alpaca Bamboo quilts to its collections.

Alpaca Bamboo 300 quilts

The new Alpaca Bamboo 300 quilt is designed for all year round comfort. A medium weight quilt which is luxuriously soft and comfortably warm. This quilt is best suited for those sleepers who want a higher weight, yet remains comfortable in summer and cooler winters. The Alpaca Bamboo 300 quilt is filled with a single layer of 300 grams per square metre blend of 50% alpaca fleece and 50% bamboo fibre. For further information on the new Alpaca Bamboo 300 quilts click here .

Alpaca Bamboo 600 quilts

The new Alpaca Bamboo 600 quilt is a super warm quilt designed for very cold climates and those sleepers who need lots of extra warmth. It is constructed with two internal layers of 300 grams per square metre of 50% alpaca fleece and 50% bamboo fibre creating an air pocket to trap warm air for that extra warmth.

Both of the new Alpaca Bamboo quilts are covered with our very popular superfine bamboo/cotton sateen fabric (60% bamboo and 40% cotton) and quilted with our unique Kelly & Windsor UltraSoft internal quilting system for extra softness, warmth and easy care. The edge trim is a beautiful light green colour and is finished off with an embossed decorative sash, a touch of class. For further information on the new Alpaca Bamboo 600 quilts click here.

These quilts are available in regular Australian sizes including the super king size (240cm x 270cm).

With the above release, Kelly & Windsor now has four weight choices in its Alpaca Bamboo quilt collection.

Since their release these quilts have been very popular and are included in the range of many selected retailers and can be purchased directly from the on line section of this site.Kelly-And-Windsor_Alpaca-Bamboo-Product-Rolled

We are pleased to announce the 2014 Australian sales team for Kelly & Windsor.

Late in 2013 we appointed several new sales agents to represent Kelly & Windsor in the domestic market, and realigned our sales representation within Australia where we believe significant growth opportunities still exist despite subdued local retail conditions in recent years.

The appointment of professional sales agents in key regions of Australia is driven by our plan to increase our retailer customer base and to offer an improved level of front line sales support, advice and merchandising.

We proudly introduce the 2014 Australian sales agent team -

Victoria, Tasmania & Western Australia

Julie Egan was appointed a Sales Manager in 2013 and is based in the Melbourne office of Kelly & Windsor. Julie has been in sales management for many years in printed media and the food industry.

Julie Egan – Phone 03 9357 0116 or 0425 741 569


Lynn & Ray Donaldson are based in Brisbane and cover northern NSW up to the far north of Queensland. Both Lynn and Ray have extensive experience in retailing and sales agency management. They have developed excellent relationships with leading retailer groups and independent outlets.

Lynn 0401 555 549

Ray 0434 037 480

New South Wales

Leslie MacDonald hails from Sydney and is now covering from mid NSW to the Victorian border. Leslie is an experienced sales agent and has excellent relationships with a wide range of retailers in New South Wales.

Leslie 0418285 102

South Australia & Northern Territory

Renee Byrne has been the Kelly & Windsor sales agent for many years and is running out of Adelaide, and probably covers the largest sales region anywhere on earth. Renee has extensive experience in the bedding industry combined with unsurpassed local knowledge.

Renee 0411 415 702

National Customer Service

A very important member of the sales team. Nicole has been with Kelly & Windsor since 2010 and has an excellent understanding of the world of alpaca bedding and our product range. If you are looking for the best advice and service, just call Nicole as she loves to help customers.

Nicole 03 9357 0116




Hello, World! This is my first WordPress publication…










KW2 Kelly & Windsor company flyer Mandarin 4Dec2013


Kelly & Windsor wurde im Jahre 2001 gegründet, die Zukunftsvision des Unternehmens bestand darin, ein umfangreiches Sortiment an einzigartigen Luxusbettwaren feinster Qualität aus natürlicher australischer Alpaka-Wolle und anderen Spezialfasern zu entwerfen, herzustellen und zu vertreiben.

Natürlich verlangte diese Ausrichtung eine eindeutige Geschäftsphilosophie – dazu gehören die Gestaltung und der Entwurf innovativer Produkte, die Entwicklung einer sich von der Konkurrenz klar absetzenden Marke, nur die Verwendung der wirklich besten Rohmaterialien und der Einsatz der neuesten Herstellungsverfahren, damit Kelly & Windsor auch tatsächlich die Anforderungen anspruchsvoller Kunden im australischen Markt wie auch in bestimmten internationalen Absatzgebieten erfüllen kann.

Ein Jahrzehnt später wird mit dem Markennamen Kelly & Windsor, der Luxusmarke für Alpaka-Bettdecken, Kissen und Unterbetten, die selbstverständlich alle in Australien hergestellt werden, Weltklassequalität verbunden. Unser Fachwissen bei der Verarbeitung reiner Alpakawolle zusammen mit einem innovativen Design und den neuesten Herstellungsverfahren und -technologien bildet das Herzstück der Marke Kelly & Windsor.

Die Marke Kelly & Windsor hat sich aus ihren Kinderschuhen heraus deutlich fortentwickelt. 2003 wurde die erste Bettdecke aus Alpaka & Wolle nach einer zwölfmonatigen Entwicklungs- und Testphase im australischen Markt eingeführt und stieß auf die sofortige Marktakzeptanz führender Händler, sie wurde als eine neue Klasse von Naturfaserbettdecken australischen Ursprungs angesehen. Die Decken zeichnen sich durch innovative hochwertige Qualität mit ausgezeichneter Wärmekontrolle aus und weisen einige überragende Merkmale und Vorteile für den Kunden auf.

Seit Einführung der ersten Alpaka-Bettdecke hat Kelly & Windsor die Produktpalette um einiges erweitert und bietet dieser Tage auch Alpakakissen und -unterbetten an. Das Unternehmen ergänzte das Sortiment mit einer Reihe innovativer Alpaka-Bettdeckenkollektionen (Alpaca Gold), Alpaka/Wolle (Alpaca Classic und die Kollektionen der Australian Alpaca Bedding Company) und Alpaka/Baumwolle (Alpaca Light), im Jahr 2014 kommt eine neue Kollektion von Alpaka/Bambus-Bettdecken (Alpaca Bamboo) auf den Markt.

Kelly & Windsor kreierte auch das innovative neue UltraSoft Bettdeckendesign (das Patentverfahren ist noch anhängig), dabei handelt es sich um eine innen abgesteppte nahtlose Bettdecke, die wärmer und weicher ist und viel schöner aussieht, ebenso wurden die Superfine Satinstoffe verbessert, luxuriöse Schärpen hinzugefügt und ganz besondere Abschlussbordüren in farbigem Satin eingeführt. Hochwertige Bettdecken feinster Qualität, hergestellt aus Alpakawolle in Australien – ganz einfach eine Götterfaser.

Die Exporttätigkeit nimmt eine strategische Stellung bei Kelly & Windsor ein und wurde auf bestimmte internationale asiatische Märkte, insbesondere China, Taiwan, Japan und Korea, ausgedehnt. Die internationale Ausrichtung bietet wesentliche Wachstumsmöglichkeiten, die Verkaufsaktivitäten in den nordamerikanischen und europäischen Märkten befinden sich im Steigen.

Dank der flexiblen Produktionskapazitäten und einer erfahrenen Mannschaft ist Kelly & WIndsor in der Lage, Bettwaren in jeder Füllungs-/Größenordnung herzustellen und sich so an die jeweiligen Exportmärkte entweder unter der Marke Kelly & Windsor oder, falls erforderlich, unter einer Eigenmarke anzupassen.

Erfahrung, Technologie, Flexibilität und Qualität. Kelly & Windsor, Australiens erste Adresse für Bettwaren.

KW2 – K&W Co flyer DE