Alpaca Gold Quilt His & Hers

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Alpaca Gold Quilt His & Hers


An innovation in quilt designs, a quilt that is warmer on one side than the other, the Kelly & Windsor Gold “His & Hers” pure alpaca quilt collection. The ultimate in luxury sleeping comfort and softness.

The Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilt is a one piece quilt that is warmer on one side, 500 grams per square metre of pure alpaca fleece, and cooler on the other side, 300 grams per square metre of pure alpaca fleece. The His & Hers quilt is ideal for couples where one sleeper is hot and the other is cooler. A perfect solution, a dual temperature sleep comfort system.

The His & Hers quilt is ideal for singles, who can now have one quilt to meet their all year round needs. Use the lighter weight side in summer and flip it over to the warmer side in winter. Easy!

Available in queen, king and now super king sizes

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Product Description

The Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilts provide a one piece quilt solution for those sleeping couples where one person is cold and the other person is too warm. A very common “His & Hers” sleeping problem.

The Kelly & Windsor Alpaca Gold His & Hers quilts originated from several retailers who reported that they had many customers whose partners had such different warmth needs that their quality of sleep was being affected. A heavier warmer quilt suited one partner, but a cooler lighter weight quilt was better for the other partner. The solution to the problem was to design and manufacture a single one piece quilt that was warmer on one side and cooler on the other. Simple!

The His & Hers quilt is manufactured firstly by spreading a layer of pure combed alpaca fleece of 300 gsm across the full width of the quilt and then spreading a second layer of 200 gsm pure alpaca fleece across one half of the quilt to create a thermal air pocket improving the quilts warmth, which equals a warm side filling weight of 500 grams per square metre. The lighter weight fleece is then stitched in place to prevent movement within the quilt, covered with our super fine sateen cotton casing, quilted with our new stitch free UltraSoft quilt design and bound with an exclusive decorative gold coloured satin binding. Clever, yet very exclusive and luxurious.

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Queen (210cm x 210cm), King (245cm x 210cm), Super King (270cm x 240cm)


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